What is Scape Vr?

 Need a private place to listen to your music and think? Need to escape your daily stresses or just want to relax? Let your phone transport you to beautiful and peaceful places. Immerse yourself in the best 4k quality videos, with 360 degree views in 2D or 3D with VR glasses. Multiple locations await you. See and explore what virtual reality has to offer. Play your favorite songs from your device library or just enjoy the built-in relaxing music and ambient sounds with every scene. New locations are added regularly for an ever expanding experience that’s almost as real as actually being there. Take snapshots of your “happy places” and share the moment with your friends on Facebook. Turn your iPhone™ or iPad™ into a living frame or use Apple Airplay™ with AppleTV™ or a streaming dongle to turn your TV into a window with breathtaking views while playing your own music. 


 • Includes 15 different scenes.

• Includes a variety of locations like rivers, lakes, canyon, beaches, hills and scenic overviews.

• Update your app regularly to see newly added locations.

• Works with any Google Cardboard™ or any VR Headset for smart phones.

• For an optimal VR experience we recommend the following headset: “iDudu VR”.

• For iPhone™ 6S and up and iPad™ Pro.

• Compatible with Airplay™.

• Need data connection to download scenes (cellular or wifi) and to post on Facebook.

• Download speed depends on Internet connection, in average it takes 1-5 minutes per scene.

• Most scenes are between 100 Mbs and 300 Mbs

• In our app, go to preferences to link to Facebook and allow to post snapshots.

• Scenes can be deleted to save space on your device and can be re-downloaded for free at any time.

• Once a scene has been downloaded it is available to be played offline or if your device is in airplane mode. 

Included Scenes


- View of LA from Griffith Park, CA
- Ocean view form the cliff in Point Vincente, CA
- Willow beach, AZ
- View of Lake Mead at sunset. NV
- Waves crashing on the rocks at Point Dume, CA
- Zuma Beach, Malibu CA
- Cruise on a boat up the Colorado river, by Willow beach AZ
- View from the cliff above Emerald Cove, by Willow beach AZ

Included Scenes


 - View of Angel Landing on the canyon floor, Zion National Park UT  

- View of the Blue Ridge Mountain, Skyline Drive VA
- View of the sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountain, Skyline Drive VA
- View of a Grassy Filed in the Hills, Creeper Trail TN
- View of the Chesapeake Bay from Ft. Monroe VA
- View of a creek under a railway bridge, Creeper Trial TN
- View of a creek, Creeper Trail TN 


Additional Information


- Now includes 15 scenes with the app
- For iPhone 6S and later, and iPad Pro. Will not work on iPhone 6, 6+ and   older and iPad Air and older
- Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible   with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. 

- Now able to look around by touching the screen 


- Now includes 15 scenes with the app

- Requires Android 4.4 and up

- Now able to look around by touching the screen 



Absolutely Astonishing

This is an amazing way to relax. I’ve tried a couple of the locations and even though it’s not a game, I’ve kept coming back and back because the graphic are just beautiful. It allows you to go places you never thought you could and the pics are crystal clear. Lastly, the menu system is wonderful. I don’t have to go to the main menu or take my headset off, I can simply control where I am. Deserves five stars. 


Fantastic V.R. App!

 Great app! Works great on my iPhone 6s no problems. This is the best VR app I have used. The video quality is some of the best I’ve seen and the UI is very intuitive and simple. I was surprised on how many scenes are included, they are really beautiful and relaxing. Its definitely worth the price for what you get. Cannot recommend this app enough! Looking forward to more scenes! 


- Rombie44 

Very Good!!!

 I love this app and the fact that you can enjoy different beautiful locations. I use it every night and it helps relax my mind so I can fall asleep and stay asleep. I always recommend this app to my friends and family. It’s a good way to mimic that spa like feeling at home. I never sleep without it 


- lomeskires0981 

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